Translation services

Scriba translation agency provides various translation services in the following languages: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, French, Swedish, Romanian, German, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian.

Written translation
We also perform speedy translations and work over the weekend, if necessary, but in such cases the translation carries an additional charge. If the client is satisfied with our work and intends to use Scriba's translation services also in the future, it is reasonable to enter into regular client contract with us, which gives a discount for our services.
Oral translation i.e. interpretation
Interpretation required at conferences, meetings and in other events where it is important that information reach all listeners as quickly as possible. The price of interpretation is calculated per hour. The hourly rate may first seem rather high, but one must not forget that interpretation is preceded by thorough preparation, during which the interpreter learns about the subject of the event, related presentations and terminology thereof.
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Proofreading and editing
Proofreading ensures that a text corresponds to the rules of spelling and grammar and is devoid of misprints. Misprints include any technical errors, such as the absence of spaces or the wrong sequence of letters. The proofreader is therefore responsible for the correction of all major linguistic errors.
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Translation needs to be notarised when you are required to prove the authenticity of translation, for example, upon using it in a foreign country.
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Apostilling documents i.e. confirming the authenticity of documents used in a foreign country becomes increasingly necessary in the globalising world. For example, school diplomas, medical certificates or marriage certificates, may need to be verified with an apostil.
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Legal translation
Legal translation requires utmost accuracy and care from the translator who translates legal texts or other documents within the field of law.
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Translation of technology texts
Translation of technology texts is a domain which combines the linguistic knowledge of translators and the expert knowledge of technology specialists.
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Localisation and webpage translation
Localisation is the adaptation of a translation text, taking into account the culture, traditions and laws of the target language. This usually concerns the translation and adaptation of software and company homepages, but localisation becomes more frequent also with user manuals, business cards, booklets, etc. Language editor also plays an important part in webpage translation. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the main attention in homepages often goes to the design and programming code, overshadowing the linguistic aspect. This is mostly due to cost cutting, which, in reality, may return an adverse result instead, for negligent language use and abundance of errors in the text is bound make an unfavourable impression.
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Manual translation
It may be erroneously thought that user manuals are easy to translate since they are mostly composed of short and clear sentences, which cannot be misunderstood. User manuals differ by their composition and language use from other texts, wherefore it is necessary for the translator to have sufficient experience in this field to ensure best results.
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Movie translation
The translator of movies must be qualified to address texts from a variety of fields, while considering the particular limitations of the industry. Furthermore, the translators of movies must be able to comprehend cultural cues and phrases, which are markedly difficult to translate because of the temporal restrictions to the volume of text displayed on the screen.
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Clients about us

Our clients talk about us
Oral translation

We have trusted Scriba Translation Agency with one of our most important tasks – our immediate representation in communication with clients. The keyword of this cooperation is trust that grows with time and experience. With a short time but with fruitful experience we may state that Scriba’s team knows the meaning of deadline, seamless cooperation and full commitment to one's profession. We were glad to note that they took care of our order as if it were a matter of existential importance, which considerably reduces any worries we might have about meeting the quality criteria. Kristiina

Written translation

We used the services of Scriba Translation Agency for translating brochures on ventilators and other ventilating equipment into Finnish. Translations were completed by the agreed time. Technology translations usually require lots of subsequent corrections, but Scriba's translation was performed in a very professional manner, using accurate terms of the industry. Phrases later added were translated on the very same day. The price was also very reasonable. Therefore, we shall use the services of Scriba henceforward, if necessary, and certainly recommend them to all others.Margus

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